The press service of FRC Kola Science Center RAS.

The Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Press Service was created for the purpose of objective coverage of research, popular science, educational and social activities of the KSC RAS on the internet and via other media.

We see our main task as to establish cooperation with all stakeholders: both with our employees and structural units, and with external specialists in public relations, as well as to make information about the Kola research center accessible and open to a wide audience.

You can offer to cover any topic that you think is relevant for the Kola Science Center, send us announcements or programs of upcoming and held events, photos, messages about the speech at conferences and seminars. We are waiting for your comments on improving the site and the press service.

phone: (881555)79324
mobile phone: +7 (952) 294-79-50
Leading public relations specialist: Olga Alexandrovna Bodrova