Natural and secondary mineral resources: innovative processes of comprehensive processing
(Plaksin readings 2020)
Before the event
LocationApatity, Fersmana str. 24
DateSeptember 21-26, 2020
Duration6 day
Organizing Committee
  • Chanturiya V.A. academician RAS, IPKON RAS
  • Krivovichev S.V., corr.member RAS, FRC RAS
  • Lukichev S.V., Dr.Eng., MI KSC RAS
  • Matveeva T.N., Dr.Eng., IPKON RAS
  • Chekushina T.V., PhD in Eng., IPKON RAS
  • Mitrofanova G.V., PhD in Eng., MI KSC RAS
  • Svetlov A.V., PhD in Eng., INEP KSC RAS
Organizing Committee members
  • Aleksandrova T.N., Dr.Eng., SPbU
  • Brylyakov Yu.E., Dr.Eng., JSC EuroChem-SRC
  • Vaisberg L.A., academician RAS Mechanobr-Tekhnika JSC, SPbU
  • Golubnichii D.V., JSC Olkon
  • Kalugin A.I., PhD in Eng., KB JSC Apatit
  • Kondratiev S.A., Dr.Eng., MI SB RAS
  • Kurkov A.V., Dr.Eng., FSBI VIMS
  • Makarov D.B., Dr.Eng., INEP KSC RAS
  • Masloboev V.A., Dr.Eng., INEP KSC RAS
  • Nikolaev A.I., corr. member RAS, NMSC KSC RAS
  • Ozhogina E.G., Geology-Mineralogy, FSBI VIMS
  • Opalev A.S., PhD in Eng., MI KSC RAS
  • Sedelnikova G.V., Dr.Eng., OP GeoTC JSC RosGeo
  • Fedorov K.V., Dr.Eng., INRTU
  • Chanturiya E.L., Dr.Eng., NUST MISIS
  • Shadrunova I.V., Dr.Eng., IPKON RAS

Important dates

April 1, 202
May 15, 2020
Abstract submission
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September 10, 2020
September 21, 2020
September 22, 2020
Conference opening

Main themes

Modern mineral processing technologies
Technological mineralogy. Disintegration and ore preparation
Flotation, gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic separation
Comprehensive mineral processing, hydrometallurgical processes
Processing of secondary mineral resources. Environmental and economic aspects


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24 Fersman st., Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209, Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, E-mail:

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Anastasiia Eniutina, Department of international relations MI KSC RAS:

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addr:24 Fersman st., Apatity, Murmansk region, 184209