Challenges and Threats to the National Security in the Russian Arctic. Scientific - analytical report.

Кол-во страниц:53
Под редакцией:V.S.Selin, T.P. Skufina, E.P. Bashmakova
Издательство:Publishing house of KSC of RAS

The scientific-analytical report presents the results of the analysis and assessment of the situation in the sphere of national security. To address the situation, numerous components of the national security are combined into three large blocks: geopolitical, military, and economic. All blocks are closely interrelated, influence each other, and changes in each of the blocks cause similar or even more significant changes in the others.

The scientific-analytical report is based on research materials of the Luzin Institute for Economic Studies of the KSC of RAS, analytical reviews of the Russian Council on International Affairs, the Information Office of the Logistics Center of the High North, materials of the Expert Council of the Chairman of the Military- Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation, and scientific research presented in articles and monographs of scientists, experts, analysts, engaged in studying problems of the Arctic.